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How to Mitigate Liquefaction Risks On Landscape Development Projects

Liquefaction is a condition where some soils become liquified and lose their ability to support buildings and landscape structures. There are two types of liquefaction failures that plague earthquake-rattled California landscapes after a significant seismic event. First, large-scale liquefaction events

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How to Mitigate Seismic Landslide Risks On A Project

Earthquakes are an uncommon, but serious, risk for California structures and landscapes. During a site inventory, landscape architects may uncover underlying seismic risk factors on their client’s project site. After consulting geologists and registered civil engineers investigate the site and

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Liquefaction: When Solid Ground Turns To Mush

Liquefaction is a rare geological condition caused when certain soils with a high water table are violently shaken by an earthquake. The shaking earth mixes the soil particles with the water table and creates soil with the consistency of a

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Critical Site Investigation Items For A Geotechnical Report

Earthquakes are a fact of life in California. Improved seismic hazard investigation techniques make identifying and inventorying a site’s seismic risk more reliable than in the past. The Seismic Hazards Mapping Act requires most developers and property owners to identify

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Two Ways To Investigate Seismic Hazards In California

Identifying sites with potentially damaging seismic conditions is one step of the site inventory process. As landscape architects, we may be called upon to conduct an initial site investigation regarding seismic hazards. When landscape architects are in the lead on

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How Does the Seismic Hazards Mapping Act Affect Site Development?

In 1990 the California State Legislature passed the Seismic Hazards Mapping Act to protect public safety from the effects of strong ground shaking, liquefaction, landslides, or other ground failure, and other hazards caused by earthquakes. Landscape architects practicing in California

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Watch California Landslides in Action

California’s geology is prone to move catastrophically if the environmental conditions are right. Watch these examples of California’s most famous landslides. La Conchita

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Warning: California Is Landslide Territory

On January 10, 2005, residents of La Conchita worst nightmares became true. Heavy rain triggered a massive landslide that swallowed 13 houses and damaged 23 other homes. By the time rescuers pulled out the last bodies, ten were confirmed dead.

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