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This guide will help explain the process for becoming a licensed landscape architect in the state of California. All candidates for licensure must pass the California Supplemental Exam (CSE) for landscape architects prior to becoming registered to practice in the state.

There are a couple of paths to getting a landscape architect license in California:

Initial License:

If you are applying for your first landscape architect license, read this step-by-step guide to initial licensure in California. Passing the CSE for landscape architects is the last step in the licensing process. Read more about getting your first landscape architect license in California.

Reciprocal Registration (if you already have a license in another state):

If you are already licensed in another state, you can apply for reciprocity with the California Landscape Architect Technical Committee. The steps to reciprocity are outlined in this article.

Why become a registered landscape architect?
Protecting the public welfare and safety is most important reason why landscape architects must be licensed.  Lots of projects designed by landscape architects are used by the public daily.  In order to protect the safety of the public, landscape architects must be able to develop design solutions that will not harm the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Only licensed professionals with academic training and professional experience can qualify to take the LARE and CSE to become licensed landscape architects.  The licensure process ensures that landscape architects received the proper training and professional development and skills so that their design work does not harm the public.:


Do You Want to Pass the CSE?

You are in the right place. Learn what you need to pass the California Supplemental Exam for landscape architects the first time. This site is dedicated to aspiring landscape architects who want to get a California landscape architect license. I'll share my research for the CSE as I prepare for the exam.

Feel free to submit a question and I'll do my best to answer it here.

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