Irrigation Design Resources for the California Supplemental Exam

Irrigation and water management are major topics on the California Supplemental Exam. These resources can help improve your knowledge of irrigation systems and help you prepare for the CSE.

Irrigation Design Educational Resources

If it has been a while since you designed an irrigation system or want to learn more about irrigation design, these resources can help you become proficient in irrigation system design.

Irrigation Design Manuals

Rainbird Irrigation Design Guides–Manuals for basic irrigation system design, drip irrigation, low-volume irrigation design and more.

Hunter–Residential design manual with practice problems.

Backflow Preventers

Introduction to Backflow Preventers–This short article from an irrigation supplier explains the pros and cons of the most common backflow prevention devices used in the landscape.

Recycled Irrigation Water

California Health Laws Related to Recycled Water (“The Purple Book” )–California laws that apply to recycled or reclaimed irrigation water with an emphasis on preventing cross contamination with potable water systems.

Recycled Water Regulations–Laws and regulations from the California Department of Public Health


San Francisco Graywater Design Manual–Introduction to irrigating with graywater. Manual addresses current California law and is an easy-to-read guide for homeowners and building professionals.

Other Irrigation Resources

Irrigation Tutorials–This site was put together by a landscape architect and has a ton of great information for landscape architects.


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