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Fruitless Olive Trees for California Landscapes – California Tree Series

Olives Without The Mess: Three Fruitless Olives for California Landscapes Nothing evokes the romance of the Mediterranean like majestic olive trees. Their gray-green foliage and gnarled trunks are living sculptures in the garden. Olive trees are widely used in Spanish,

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Fern + Pine = Podocarpus? California Tree Series

Fern + Pine = Podocarpus? California Tree Series Fern pine is the common name for plant that is neither a fern nor a pine. Other common names for Podocarpus gracilior are Podocarpus, African fern pine, and yew pine. Podocarpus gracilor

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What’s a Zelkova? California Tree Series

What’s A Zelkova? Zelkova, Japanese zelkova—Zelkova serrata Japanese zelkova is a deciduous shade tree or street tree that grows well in many parts of California. After Dutch elm disease wiped out most of the majestic American elms, landscape architects began

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Do You Want to Pass the CSE?

You are in the right place. Learn what you need to pass the California Supplemental Exam for landscape architects the first time. This site is dedicated to aspiring landscape architects who want to get a California landscape architect license. I'll share my research for the CSE as I prepare for the exam.

Feel free to submit a question and I'll do my best to answer it here.

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