California Supplemental Exam Test Day Essentials

California Supplemental Exam Test Day Essentials

Taking licensing exams can be extremely stressful. I know that I certainly get nervous before taking the big exam. You probably feel the same way, too.

What To Bring On Exam Day

Here are a couple of things to bring to the test center when you take the California Supplemental Exam for landscape architects.

Government-Issued State Identification 

Landscape architect candidates will be asked to show a valid ID before taking the California Supplemental Exam for landscape architects. Your identification will be inspected at the test center to verify your identity. A current state-issued driver’s license, state ID card, military ID, or valid passport are all acceptable forms of identification. Make sure that our ID has not expired before the exam date since the testing center will only accept current identification cards.

Bring A Sweater

Test centers can be hot or cold. Since you will do better if you are comfortable, wear layered clothes. A light-weight sweater, long-sleeve shirt, or pull-over without pockets can be removed if the test center is warm. But, it is had to focus if the room is cold. Layered clothing is the best strategy for ensuring personal comfort and greatest comfort on exam day.

What Not To Bring To The Exam

Save yourself some hassle by leaving these items at home (or in your car).

Calculators and Other Electronic Devices

Calculators, cell phones, iPads, smart phones, or other electronic devices. No iPod or other portable music players are allowed in the test center, either.

Reference Materials

The California Supplemental Exam is a closed-book test. Unfortunately, no reference material or notes can be brought into the test center. Leave these at home or in your car.


Leave your watch in your car or at home. The computer tracks and clearly displays your time remaining for the exam. So, save yourself the hassle and leave your watch at home.

Pens, Pencils, and Paper

Pencils and paper will be provided for your use at the test center. You do not need to bring any writing utensils with you to the examination.

Heavy Coats, Trench Coats, and Hoodies

While you may bring a sweater to the test center, bulky coats with pockets or hoods that can hide your face are prohibited.


Leave your hats at home or in your vehicle. Hats or visors are not allowed inside the testing facility.

Make Test Day As Easy As Possible

Here are a few ways to make test day as easy as possible.

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. A well-rested mind will do better on the exam.
  • Dress comfortably. Wear layered clothing so you can adjust to any temperature you’ll encounter in the test center.
  • Remember your ID. Without your government-issued identification, you won’t even get your foot in the door.

With a little advanced planning, you can have the best and most comfortable experience on exam day, as possible. Part of passing licensure exams, like the California Supplemental Exam is a mental game. Make yourself as comfortable as you can so you can focus on answering the questions and getting you landscape architect license in California.


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John is a landscape architect who is currently preparing to take the California Supplemental Exam to become licensed in California. He is currently a licensed professional landscape architect in Georgia and Florida. John graduated from California State University, Pomona with a BSLA degree in landscape architecture in 1997 and has extensive practice experience in residential and commercial landscape design.

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