12 Days of Quizzes – Day 5: Landscape Architect Contracts for the CSE Exam

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Day 5

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is here. Put down the eggnog and fruit cake and test your knowledge with another CSE quiz. This is the fifth quiz in the 12 Days of Quizzes series.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…five golden rings…

Five golden rings remind me of a landscape architect’s round seal the use to stamp drawings.

Contracts are an important way the landscape architects interact with the public. There are a couple of questions included

This quiz will test you knowledge of landscape architect contract requirements.

Quiz 5: Landscape Architect Contracts

1. What statement must be included in all landscape architect contracts in California?


2. Which of the following is NOT required in a contract?


3. Which of the following items involves a substantial alteration of the construction contract?


4. Under what circumstance can a landscape architect perform perform services for a client without a contract?


5. A contractor cannot proceed with the construction of a project until she or he...




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