Monday Morning Humor for Landscape Architect Candidates

Good Morning Landscape Architect Candidates

Preparing for the California Supplemental Exam for landscape architects can be tough and (slightly) stressful.

Especially during the holiday season.

Here is a little humor to lighten your day.

As a landscape architect, you may work with several different types of consultants. This visual guide will help you understand the differences between architects and interior designers. Even the humble client is featured.

I found this on the website. The images are by Jody Brown, a North Carolina architect, who combines architectural musings and a healthy dose of angst on his website

Good luck preparing for the CSE exam.

Happy Holidays,

John Denson, PLA, ASLA


John is a landscape architect who is currently preparing to take the California Supplemental Exam to become licensed in California. He is currently a licensed professional landscape architect in Georgia and Florida. John graduated from California State University, Pomona with a BSLA degree in landscape architecture in 1997 and has extensive practice experience in residential and commercial landscape design.

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