CSE Curb Ramp Quiz: Parallel and Combo Ramps

Do You Know How To Design Parallel and Combination Curb Ramps?

Curb ramps are the accessible design solution that safely moves pedestrians from sidewalks across vehicular traffic. The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates specific design solutions for parallel and combination ramps. Parallel ramps gradually change elevation along the walk’s direction of travel are the requires the user to make a 90 degree turn before crossing the street. A combination ramp uses the a ramp that runs parallel with the path of travel, but allows the user to cross perpendicular with the street. This quiz will asses your knowledge of accessible ramp design.

Test you knowledge of accessible curb ramp design on this quiz. For more information, review this article on curb ramps.

1. What is the maximum grade permitted for a side ramp?


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2. Combination curb ramps require pedestrians to make a 90 degree turn prior to entering traffic.


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3. What is the minimum width of a side curb ramp where the pedestrian enters traffic?


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4. How wide should the detectable warning strip be where the side or combination ramp enters traffic?


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How wide should a side ramp be where it meets the sidewalk (not where it meets vehicular traffic)?

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